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Mason Bee Series 3-2 :icondalantech:dalantech 387 66
I hate how people assume that because I draw "Cute" Stuff, I disregard the evil in the world and think I am victimized.
I hate how they think that I only draw it for popularity
I hate how people come to me and ask how did I get through all the pain of being hurt, and I have nothing to say.
I hate how people assume I am mean and think highly of myself because I am easily hurt and need to vent.
I hate that people will read this and laugh.
I hate how the people I thought were going to be my friends, don't come to me and tell me they have a problem with me, and before I know it, I am staring at a screen of slander on my name.
I hate how they disregard what I may have been through, not even caring that I am a person.
How they laugh behind my back, when they don't even know my name.
I hate that I love something that hurts me so much,
I hate that I am scared people will no longer buy my art, and in the end I won't have money for food.
I hate how that my escape from the world is an ugly place
:iconmechanicmocha:MechanicMocha 67 107
Yes and no
Yes to no
And no to yes
I scream out loud
Collapsing inside
Masks are worn off
Pain's in the eyes
Yes to the death
And no to the life
Agony is the friend
And sorrow is an ally
Wrong decisions
Decent  mistakes
Life is blooming
With love at the stake
Let's go back
Say no instead of yes
Let's not break
Let's just confess
And admit
It's better to be alive
Than be rotting so deep
So say with me
Say it loudly
So we  both could hear
Yes to no
And no to lies
Say yes to the life
And no to good byes
:iconsupergirlswag:SuperGirlSwag 13 21
what am I ?
What am I?
I am the creature,
Lying in its own pity
Coated in anger
Living in its last hour.
By the rules of life,
Knowing it will never change.
Wanting to get out,
Be free
And away from,
The demons of order,
And the need to act like this and that.
Freedom calls it
Yet the creature can't reply,
And has to carry on,
In the shit hole
So called normal life
:iconmuzzyamazingmuzzmuzz:muzzyamazingmuzzmuzz 2 5
You Won't Control Me
Dear grief:
You strangled me
As I snuggled into your hugs
I remember your joy
Toying with my lungs
Dear hate:
I remember the excitement
The bruises you left
Told me to "look at the concept"
As you sneered at me, you never left
Oh I smiled as you burned my flesh
There I go thinking of the past, it's dead
Here I go feeling no peace, just dread
You'll never get to break me
Emotion's ran me deep
They had prevented me from sleep
I looked elsewhere ignoring them
And yet the emotions tried to brush my lips again
I want to tell you, my sweet emotions,
I used to be yours
The past is, the past
And little by little, I don't know you anymore
Dear Pain:
I remember how you buckled me
The ground felt so heavenly
Your needle pierced me deep
You held on tight
I waited on you; you never gave me the time
Dear contentment:
I remember the dead silence
The hard stop, as everything slipped
And suddenly all was balanced
The nothingness ringed
Your silence made me scream
There I go thinking of the past, it's a
:iconwhats-left-of-me:Whats-Left-Of-Me 355 57
Lost you pen=no pen
No pen=no notes
No notes=no study
No study=fail
Fail=no diploma
No diploma=no job
No job=no money
No money=no food
No food=you get skinny
Skinny=you get ugly
Ugly=no lover
No lover=no marriage
No marriage=no children
No children=alone
Lesion: don't lose your pen


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